Rev. L.D. Wilson

One of this nation most loved pastor, preacher and teacher, Rev. L. D. Wilson is on a mission to build a ministry that will reach across ethnic, racial, and denominational boundaries. A young dynamic Man of God with a clear, solid and profound message and mission to empower the saints and educate the believer’s. When one describes Pastor Wilson as a preacher; Innovative, Radical, Revolutionary, Cutting Edge, and Anointed are just a few words that comes to mind. When one speaks of him personally, he’s described as one that has a love for God’s people and a Man after the heart of God. He’s making a powerful impact in the kingdom of God, with a ministry that has inspired thousands across this country. A man with a message that even those who are “Spiritually Challenged” can become a conquer. Born in the rural area of Louisiana, at the age of eighteen, he answered the call to ministry.

Serving his local church for one year, at the age of nineteen he was called to pastor Peter Rock Baptist Church. While serving as pastor of PRBC, he was called to Pastor St. Mark Baptist church, where he served for six years.

With the decision to go as full time pastor at PRBC, he prayerfully resigned from St. Mark Baptist church. Rev. Wilson served PRBC for twelve years and stepped out on faith in 2008 and moved to Atlanta, GA, to advance his ministry. In August 2009, he became the proud, prestigious and prominent Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Locust Grove GA. A church with a mission to, “Revive the Saints, Recover the Fallen and Reach the Lost.” A church that is changing the atmosphere of the way we traditionally view ministry.

Building a global ministry with a Christ-Centered Mission, Pastor Wilson delivers “A Challenging Word for a Changing World.” He believes that the method of the church is to change the world to fit the Church (Christ Church), not change the church to fit the world. Today’s parishioners are more educated in God’s word, so Pastor’s should be well versed to challenge the mind and heart of God’s people. Currently enrolled at Beulah Heights University, Pastor Wilson desires to attain all the knowledge about our God to share with his people.

When asked, what is the one thing he loves in life, he will tell you, “LIFE ITSELF.” He says, “Every day that we open our eyes, we ought to live LIFE to the fullest of our potential, pleasing God and serving our fellowman.” No matter how he is described, Pastor Wilson is God’s Preacher, preaching “A Challenging Word, for a Changing World,” that will “Revive the Saints, Recover the Fallen and Reach the Lost.”